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Full Outfits

One of Trinket's Specialities is composing all her various bits and pieces into a comprehensive look that will make everyone say "WOW!"
Remember, Trinket can put together something special for you if you reach out to her via the "special requests section on the home page.

Each collection is categorized into general sizing divisions; however,

please pay careful attention to individual measurements.  

Items are measured flat and doubled, so to be safe, add a few inches to your measurements for wiggle room. 

All items are one of a kind and cannot be altered by the Sundry.


Have a Larger Chest or Bosom?
Take a look here for Combinations that will accommodate a Chest measurement of over 50". 


These outfits have a Chest measurement starting at 40" and will be no larger than 49". 

In the Petite club?  

All combinations here will use items with a Chest measurement of under 39"

These outfits are not for sale.  

They are simply past examples to be used as inspiration.