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Important notes about sizing: All clothing items are measured flat and doubled.

If the waist measurement has two measurements, it is an elastic waist.  

Remember, the max number is the max stretch it has.  

If you have to get it over shoulders or hips or if you want it to fit comfortably, consider that in your sizing choice.
If a waist has one measurement it is probably a button or a zipper closure.  It will have no give in the size.

Larger Skirts: Waist 60"+ 


Large Skirts: Waist 50-59"


Medium Skirts: Waist 46-49"


Medium Skirts: Waist 44-45" 


Medium Skirts: Waist 40-43"


Small Skirts: Waist 36-39" 


Small Skirts: Waist 30-35"


Small Skirts: Waist <30"